Customizing pages

Learn how to get the most out of UnMarkDocs

About Front Matter

Page customization is done using Front Matter. Front Matter is a yaml-like block you can add to the top of your Markdown files separated by three hypens:

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config1: myvalue
    toggle1: true
    title: My Title
anotherSetting: 1
# Your Markdown file starts here

UnMarkDocs offers a wide range of options you can customize in every page.

UnMarkDocs Options


Controls the title of the page.

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title: My awesome page

Automatic title detection

If you don't specify a title, we'll try to guess it from your file.


Controls the description of the page

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description: This page is very useful


Allows you to provide a CTA to a URL or another page of the documentation at the bottom of the current page.

There are two ways to use this option:

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next: slug-of-another-page # Or a URL

    url: slug-of-another-page # Or a URL
    copy: Text to add to the bottom of the page instead of the default


Allows to protect the page content with a numeric pin. The content of the page will be obfuscated, and the user will be requred to enter your code to view it.

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pin: 1234


Allows to use Mathjax in the page. When enabled, you can add mathjax code by surrounding it with $ or $$.

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mathjax: true


Rewrites all links on the page to Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up video.

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rickroll: true


Allows to specify a URL or another page of the documentation the user will be redirected to upon entering the Konami Code.

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konami: true